Wednesday, July 12, 2017

June Happenings

We started out the month with another week of Dancing with Miss Jenny, where the kids played with batons and pinwheels and loved it!

We grabbed some Waffle Love afterwards since the truck was parked in the same parking lot as our class, and we took it home for some yummy dessert for lunch that afternoon.

Acelyn received a great little gift from her cousin Ivy (and Everette, Auntie Chelsea and Uncle Allen), and was super excited to find some Strawberry Freshly Picked moccasins inside!!  Thank you guys, we love them!!

Acelyn learned how to say "Kitty Cat" and loves seeing them on TV, in books, at the pet store... she's obsessed. (It also might be one of my favorite things she can say!)

We met up with the Luks on National Donut Day and headed to Krispy Kreme to get our donut fix in.  The kids loved them, despite Acelyn looking like she didn't!  We did some shopping together afterwards, and spent enough time to make it to lunch... so when the boys started chanting Chik-Fil-A! Chik-Fil-A!  We caved and said, why not?  We were definitely the cool Moms that day, allowing donuts and ice cream!  

The kids stomped it out to Sesame Street.

We spent a Saturday at Downtown Summerlin in the morning for a kids festival, and it was hooooooot, even though it was super early.  We found refuge in the train ride, where the kids cooled down in the shade with the breeze, and then did some shopping around and took some pictures at the signature rainbow wall, played in the water and said hi to some animals at the petting zoo before heading home. 

After naps, we took a trip to Costco where the kids played nicely together and waited patiently in the long Saturday lines.  

On Sunday, we spent the morning at the M pool, which has easily become one of our favorite places to spend our weekends.  The kids love it and it's the perfect way to cool down from the awful heat.  

We introduced Acelyn to a fork and have been trying to teach her how to use it (just kidding, she just plays with it), and she can't even handle how funny it is to poke her food.

The babes played nicely together in the tub, which made my heart melt. 

They spent some time in the pool in the backyard, and dried off together in the shade. 

Acelyn's favorite things lately are dressing up as Superbaby and running around like a superhero, and playing with the dog dog (who she is obsessed with!)

She learned how to say No-No for Nolan. 

We spent a Friday morning at Reunion Trails splash pad where the kids ran out all their energy and had a blast in the water to cool down. 

One of Nolan's new favorite things to do is to walk Acelyn around the house.  Sometimes she will willingly agree and other times she resists (which then turns into dragging rather than nicely holding hands), but when she does join him, he thinks it's the funniest thing!

We bought a new backyard pool to fit alllllllll of our toys in, plus a new slide a few days later, and it doesn't hurt that it's big enough for us to go in to cool down, too!

We move the slide between the pool outside and cleaning it off and bringing it back in, because the kids seriously play on it for half hour increments at a time... which had me wondering why the heck it took me so long to get one!? 

All that sliding really wore Acelyn out, where she napped sweetly and I snuck some pictures of her looking like such a big girl with her piggies. 

We had another Thursday Dancing class day, followed by a playdate at the park with our friends Jamie, Coen and Shaw, where we roasted our booties off while the kids played in the splash pad... but really kept darting to the playground which was way too hot... So we cut it short and called it lunch and nap time ASAP!

Another hot day brought another backyard pool morning, complete with toys, slides and gators. 

Another weekend meant a trip to Trader Joes, even though Acelyn would have rather spent some time in the pool to cool down. 

For Father's Day, we spent the morning at the M Pool, knowing Jason loves taking the kids there to just kick back and relax (as much as you can relax with two kids in a pool).  We are so thankful to have him and appreciate how hard he works for his family and the love he constantly gives to us all!  

Acelyn couldn't hang with our trip to Target during the week, and passed out in the giant boat cart. 

The kids played like typical bro and sis on the slide in the AM... sibling bonding at it's finest.

Nolan had a HUGE first, and started his very first day of Preschool!  He'll officially be starting "real" preschool in the fall, but the school he will be attending also offers a fun Summer program, 2 days a week for 5 weeks, and we thought it would be a great way to ease him into separation from myself as well as inclusion into a new environment.  Nolan is usually a very timid kid and doesn't do well in new situations, and pair that with me leaving... it had anxiety written all over it.  He did cry, as we expected, but by the third day, he was waving "See ya later!" to me and couldn't wait to hop out of the car to join his friends and teachers at school!  We couldn't be more proud of our big boy and I am so, SO happy he has transitioned well and that he enjoys his school and teachers.  We can't wait to finish the summer "Passport Around the World" program and to start back up in the fall!

He couldn't wait to show me what he made at school and wanted to take everything out of his bag himself to explain his whole day!  This week, they learned about Italy, and used pastas to create a fun project!

We played in Acelyn's room when she woke up from her nap in the morning, and she showed off her new word... UP. 

Later that afternoon, she also showed off her new spinning trick!

Thursdays are a busy day for us, and this one was extra busy- Nolan had preschool in the morning, while Acelyn and I did some shopping at Old Navy and Barnes and Noble.  Afterwards, she passed out in the stroller, which let me get some me time shopping in at Ulta and Home Goods!

We picked Nolan up from school and jetted over to Dancing class where the kids had fun playing with pinwheels and Acelyn learned how to blow on them. 

That evening after naps, we had a meetup with a local Mom group that I'm a part of, through one of our favorite clothing companies, June and January.  The group is a subgroup from a national one, so its was cool to get to meet local Moms that all love the brand like we do!  Our friend Courtney and her girls, Grace, Charley and Perry, were also at the splash pad play date, and of course our kids had a blast playing together as always!  Acelyn and Perry were surprise twinners and looked friggin' adorable together, even though snapping a picture of them together proved impossible since these girls are so busy!

We had a fun time playing in the water and cooling down from the record heat that week (117 degrees... yuck!), and we decided to grab some dinner with the Espejos as Jason and Isaac met up with us at Town Square.  We ate at Yardhouse, where we got down on some good food and enjoyed chatting with our friends!  

The next day, we met up with our friends Jamie, Breann and Ashlee and all the kiddos and spent the morning at Sky Zone.  We had been here once before and Nolan loved it, but I was surprised to see how much Acelyn seriously loved it this time around, too!  It's exhausting but such a fun time!  

It was another fun bath night where the kids played nicely together and were cracking each other up!

Acelyn added another word to her list: Cookie.

She played with her donut inflatable and looked super adorable with her tank shorty and pigtails. 

The kids did some 4th of July art to kick off the holiday, and Acelyn went crazy with her first time painting!  Girl was a maniac with the paintbrush but she loved every second of it.  Nolan did a more detailed project of hand printing the American flag, which came out super cute, too! 

Aaaand, I leave you with Acelyn "asking" Harley for the dog toy.  Ohhhhh man, I'm in for it with this one.

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