Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Storms Make the Best Days

We've been itching to get outside, or just out of the house, really, as the kids have been sick with strep throat for over a week and we've been hibernating inside to help speed up our recovery time.  When the summer monsoon storms started rolling in at the beginning of the week, I was excited to welcome some sprinkles and a lightening strike here and there, and when the temperature dropped on Tuesday morning, I knew it was the perfect time to finally get out of the house and let out our energy!

Overcast, fluffy clouds and 73 degrees couldn't have made a better park day, and I'm so glad I grabbed the camera to take some pictures without direct sunlight for once.  Because I'm loving these candid shots of the kiddos playing and being totally themselves, I figured it would be a fresh little update to post on how big their getting and how their personalities are just so big and crazy, which is so evident through some of these pictures!  

The kiddos couldn't resist running up and down the ramp 10242479320 million times, and Nolan made sure to jump in every single puddle he saw (or what is barely a puddle, haha).  Cannot beat these genuine smiles!

If you know us, you know Nolan isn't the most gentle with his sister, so to see them playing sweetly together is such icing on the cake for my Mama heart since it's not a common sighting around here.  They were loving sliding together, and Acelyn just about died when Nolan played peek-a-boo with her for the longest time!

After playing, we took a stroll around the park where we found rocks, dug in the dirt (and ate some, cough cough Acelyn cough), and smelled the pretty flowers while we seriously enjoyed the amazing weather.  We spent over an hour at the park, and I had the best time taking in my kids just being kids. It was a welcome break and probably one of my favorite days of the entire year!  Well worth it's own blog post, I'd say!  Happy Monsoon Season!