Monday, June 19, 2017

Bath Time Necessities with Nuby {a&n Product Review}

Bath time with two kiddos is no joke, especially now that Acelyn is independent in the tub and goes where she wants and splashes when she wants!  And although most nights are filled with more soaking the floor than there should be, it's definitely one of the best bonding times for these siblings during the day and a routine that's looked forward to every evening.  Anything that helps bath time a little less chaotic is a "yes" in my book, and our Nuby bath time accessories are just that!

The kids love the Nuby Octopus Floating Bath toy, and it's one that gets pulled out at every bath.  I love that this is a toy that both kids can play together, as it floats above the water and each of them can toss one of the three rings onto the Octopus' arms (or in Acelyn's case, mostly chew on the rings before Nolan steals it away from her).  Not only does it help with learning to share and take turns, it helps develop hand eye coordination and stimulates their senses with fun shapes and colors.  Nolan's focus and ability to toss onto the arms has improved so much just over the last few months, so it really does help in those fine motor skills!  We love taking this toy with us to the pools we've been frequenting with the start of summer, and they love using it as a fun floating toy next to them as they swim!

While they play, I'm getting down to business scrubbing and sudsing them up!  Nolan is very sensitive when it comes to water... he's particular about the temperature and extremely delicate when it comes to bubbles or water in his face or over his head.  I love that the Nuby Tear-Free Rinse Pail can ease his anxiety with rinsing the wash out of his hair with the tear-free comfort edge.  It simply sits directly onto their forehead/top of the head and washes away the bubbles with limited water dripping into his face, if at all!  This is a game changer for us and has reduced our fits and screeches due to his sensitivity tremendously, and makes life easier with rinsing a younger child's head, like Acelyn, too.

Watching these two make memories together splashing and playing is worth all the water on the floor, and although I can't exactly sit back and relax during their bath time, I feel good knowing their bond is growing and the products I'm using are quality- BPA Free and durable, just like always with Nuby!

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Tear-Free Rinse Pail

Nuby sent these products to review, but did not compensate me to write this post.  All opinions and thoughts are of my own.  

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