Monday, June 19, 2017

Bath Time Necessities with Nuby {a&n Product Review}

Bath time with two kiddos is no joke, especially now that Acelyn is independent in the tub and goes where she wants and splashes when she wants!  And although most nights are filled with more soaking the floor than there should be, it's definitely one of the best bonding times for these siblings during the day and a routine that's looked forward to every evening.  Anything that helps bath time a little less chaotic is a "yes" in my book, and our Nuby bath time accessories are just that!

The kids love the Nuby Octopus Floating Bath toy, and it's one that gets pulled out at every bath.  I love that this is a toy that both kids can play together, as it floats above the water and each of them can toss one of the three rings onto the Octopus' arms (or in Acelyn's case, mostly chew on the rings before Nolan steals it away from her).  Not only does it help with learning to share and take turns, it helps develop hand eye coordination and stimulates their senses with fun shapes and colors.  Nolan's focus and ability to toss onto the arms has improved so much just over the last few months, so it really does help in those fine motor skills!  We love taking this toy with us to the pools we've been frequenting with the start of summer, and they love using it as a fun floating toy next to them as they swim!

While they play, I'm getting down to business scrubbing and sudsing them up!  Nolan is very sensitive when it comes to water... he's particular about the temperature and extremely delicate when it comes to bubbles or water in his face or over his head.  I love that the Nuby Tear-Free Rinse Pail can ease his anxiety with rinsing the wash out of his hair with the tear-free comfort edge.  It simply sits directly onto their forehead/top of the head and washes away the bubbles with limited water dripping into his face, if at all!  This is a game changer for us and has reduced our fits and screeches due to his sensitivity tremendously, and makes life easier with rinsing a younger child's head, like Acelyn, too.

Watching these two make memories together splashing and playing is worth all the water on the floor, and although I can't exactly sit back and relax during their bath time, I feel good knowing their bond is growing and the products I'm using are quality- BPA Free and durable, just like always with Nuby!

Each product can be found at these retailers: 

Octopus Floating Bath Toy: 

Tear-Free Rinse Pail

Nuby sent these products to review, but did not compensate me to write this post.  All opinions and thoughts are of my own.  

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Monday, June 12, 2017

May Happenings

We started off the month blowing up our new inflatable pool, where the kids had a blast playing with it inside before their nap. Afterwards, they officially tried it out and we opened up "pool season", and they approved.

Acelyn posed with her Horsey balloon that lasted forevvvvvver after her birthday party.

She slept soundly and looked way too pretty.

Our Sesame Street tent has made a reappearance and Acelyn loves it!  She goes in and out over and over again, and love pointing to her favorite characters.  Auntie Stacey buys the best gifts that keep on giving!! :)

Acelyn received a birthday package in the mail from Aunt Janet and Uncle Ronnie, and she instantly loved on the baby inside!  She loves this thing and always is giving her baby kisses and hugs.  Thank you for the great gift!!

The kids played in the AM with all of their toys, and Acelyn found a favorite new thing to do over and over- bucket head!

We had our road trip to Arizona for the Hornaday wedding, plus spent our mini-vacation doing lots of other fun things!

Acelyn turned ONE YEAR OLD on the 7th!

We met Jess, Hudson and Becks at the park the day after Acelyn's birthday and our return from Arizona, where we celebrated a little mini birthday with donuts, which Acelyn wanted nothing to do with.  She wasn't a fan when I had her try the cream from one, either.  Hudson gave her the sweetest flowers and showered her with love, and we spent the morning playing at the park for a bit after our treats.  Acelyn is all about the playground now, and loves trying to keep up with everyone!

That night, Acelyn opened a few presents from us and we ate some brownies and sang Happy Birthday to her since we were on the road for her actual birthday the day before.  She loved her princess magnets, Little People house and pony book, and brother was sure to help with everything!

She was feeling extra silly the next morning at breakfast, and then showed me how she learned to color by watching Nolan!

We've been going to Dancing with Miss Jenny classes again the past month or so, and the kids are really enjoying it!  Nolan has always loved this class and now that Acelyn is older, she is able to participate, too!  She's really warming up to the activities and wants to be involved with everything, and her favorite is parachute time!  I rarely take any pictures because I'm caught up helping them and participating in class, but I remembered to snap a couple in the beginning.  I love that they can do a class together and enjoy it!

We had our first splash pad day of the year and I was curious to see how the kids would do.  Last summer, Nolan was still not a fan of splash pads and would never want to go in the water, and I wasn't sure if Acelyn would be scared or enjoy it, so it was a gamble.  Luckily, Nolan outgrew his fear and was alllllll over the place enjoying the water, and Acelyn had zero fear and just went right for each fountain!  We spent a while there enjoying the pretty empty park and soaking up some sun and water fun!

When out running errands one weekend, we were getting gas when a truck with a dog pulled up next to us and we were greeted with this sight.  We couldn't help but laugh and Nolan thought it was hilarious that the dog was driving.

The kids danced it up, every single day, as per usual, and Acelyn has been perfecting her stomp/step move that cracks all of us up!

We celebrated Mother's Day by spending the morning at the M Pool!  We love coming here and the kids love being in the water, and the pool is super family friendly and heated, which isn't really needed in Vegas but I'm a whimp and I like my water warm!  Acelyn lounged in her float the entire time and had zero worries or fusses, and Nolan swam like a little fishy with his Puddle Jumper.  We wiped them out and they both zonked on the ride home.  We grabbed some lunch and took more naps, and Acelyn gave me lots of cuddles which I loved!

That evening, we were getting ready to head out to pick up my Mom for Mother's Day dinner out, and we were greeted by a police officer yelling at us to "Get back in the house!  There's a situation and no one is allowed to leave."  We watched from the upstairs window and scoured the Internet to find that a man three houses down decided to fire a gun at his girlfriend and barricade himself in his house, so the entire block was on lockdown.  Little did we (and the cops) know at the time... the guy wasn't even home!  Mother's Day dinner was a definite fail thanks to this... and we were kept inside our house for 4+ hours.  We had no where to go and were all dressed up, so of course I had to take pictures to document the craziness.  We ended up with Costco frozen meals for dinner instead... Happy Mother's Day!  Haha!  All that mattered to me was spending it with my family, and I wouldn't want to be a Mommy to anyone other than these two.

The kiddos have the cutest snack time now that they eat at their table.  Acelyn usually sticks around for a bit before taking off with her food... we're working on it!

We received a delivery from Omaha Steaks (SO GOOD), and Nolan loved playing with the dry ice in the sink.

I took the kids to the Clark County Wetlands Park for the first time, while Jason was out of town on his guys trip for the weekend, and we did some exploring. Their nature center is super cute and was completely empty when we went, so the kids had the run of place.  The play center was adorable and Acelyn loved the duck, while Nolan loved moving from exhibit to exhibit, playing with each one.

We continued exploring through one of the trails, the shortest one, and Nolan was totally into our "nature walk" as we tried to find different animals we learned about in the nature center.  We actually did see a few frogs/toads and came across a few cute streams that the kids loved.  Acelyn even enjoyed getting down and walking herself.  The weather turned super hot pretty quickly, despite us going pretty early, but once it cools off again, we are definitely coming her more often!

Acelyn continued loving on her baby, and learned to say it this month.

After dinner, since Jason was still out of town, I took the kids to Cold Stone to pig out on some ice cream, and Acelyn would NOT stop running around.  Needless to say Nolan ate his ice cream and I ate mine back at home after they went to bed!

We picked up Grandma the next day and headed down to the Fashion Show Mall, where Nolan was picked to "open" the Disney Store in all the Disney magic ways.  Acelyn had her first real Disney store experience by being able to freely go where she pleased, and she hung around the Princess mirror area most.  After spending a looooong time in the Disney Store, we visited the Lego store where Nolan decided he needed his picture taken with the Lego storm trooper.

Our friends at Freshly Picked sent us some Mary Janes, and of course we loved them, like all of our other FP moccs!  We shot some sweet pictures of Acelyn for our blog entry and I was loving these pictures of her with her first little pigtails that just crack me up!

Acelyn's starting to say more and more words, and this video caught two of her new ones: beep beep and Minnie Mouse!

We spent another afternoon in the backyard with the blow up pool, pig sprinkler and water table.  It was definitely a water day!

We met up with our friends Jamie, Coen and Shaw, Breann and Ellis and Ashlee and spent the morning at the splash pad.  The kiddos had a blast running back and forth between the water and the playground, and we always love this particular park for that exact reason.  Acelyn looked mighty adorable in her playsuit and pigtails after drying off, and beelined right for the water again.  Luckily I caught her before she got soaked!

At home, she looked five and decided to give some attitude after a snack one day.

The kids found a new way to pass the time and entertain themselves one afternoon.  Crazies!

Becks turned 2 and we celebrated with a fun water play party and donuts!  The kids had a BLAST at his party and got soaked with water balloons, which Nolan talked about for days.  Acelyn hung with her friend Perry, and twinned with their peplum tops.  These girls are the cutest and we love getting together with them.  They are future BFFs for sure! 

The next day, the Espejos invited us to their cabana at the Westin, and it was another fun day to end our weekend!  Acelyn wasn't feeling the pool that day and only wanted to be held in the water, but Nolan loved swimming and just hanging out in the water.  All of the kids took their turns going down the water slide (even Acelyn with Daddy!), and Nolan was brave and tried it even though he didn't want to.  He definitely didn't love it, and won't go back on... but he tried and that's what counts! ha.  We had a blast with allllllll of these littles!

We ended the month celebrating Memorial Day and going out to dinner with my Mom at Bravo, to make up for our missed Mother's Day dinner weeks ago.

And, just for your viewing pleasure.... Acelyn giggles.

...Until next month!