Sunday, April 30, 2017

Easter and Easter Happenings 2017

We started off celebrating Easter by attending the Tivoli Village Egg Hunt & Festival, which we had done previously and really enjoyed it!  We always arrive early to get registered for the early time slot Egg Hunts, so we got our hunt time and had extra time to spare, so we grabbed some breakfast out and then headed back to the festival.  There was a petting zoo that Nolan was really excited about, and I even thought the llamas were pretty sweet.  The other animals were hard to get to, but of course all the kids tried their hardest to touch them!

We headed over to meet and greet with the Easter Bunny next!  Nolan was also super excited for this part, and he ran right up to the bunny to say "HI!"  I wasn't sure how Acelyn would react, and she basically just sat there, looking confused as to who this was and why she was sitting on his lap.  She posed with some RBF faces for photos, and after a quick chat, we were off again to get ready for our Egg Hunt!

The kiddos lined up against the wall before they counted down to race in.  Nolan was totally focused and pumped, and Acelyn was ready to go with her bucket!  They counted down and Nolan went to town, collecting eggs like a champ!  Acelyn stayed in one spot and had some help from big brother to get her eggs, and as soon as she realized what was being put in her basket, she of course was quick to take them out!  Once our eggs were collected and time was counted down, we got to trade out our eggs for some candy, which Nolan thought was the best.  

This year's festival wasn't as great as previous years, but it was well worth it and the kids enjoyed themselves!  An egg hunt is necessary to start off the Easter traditions, and we continued to carry on more throughout the week!

We crafted some Easter paintings by shaking up some paint with rocks and making these cute bunny and egg shaped paintings!  They both loved shaking their boxes and Acelyn shook her head more than her arms, but the painting still came out cute!  Afterwards, Nolan got to wash up all the craft eggs and loved scrubbing them clean.  He especially liked that he got to do this all by himself- big boys only!

A few days before Easter, we (as in mostly Nolan) dyed Easter eggs.  He was focused and really intent on specific colors, this year, and even asked for glitter eggs, so of course we had to shake up some glitter on them, too!  Acelyn even helped with the shaking and did great until she dropped one on the floor... Luckily it was in a baggie!  We made a few messes, but his finished product came out great, and he was proud of himself!

On Easter morning, I caught what the Easter Bunny had left behind before everyone else woke up!  His footprints gave away where he left the kids' baskets, and eggs were left scattered through the downstairs!  

Soon enough, Nolan and Acelyn went downstairs to discover their treats brought by the Bunny.  He left their egg hunt baskets at the bottom of the stairs, so they took a peek at their big Baskets on the coffee table and got to hunting around the house for the eggs he left them!  Nolan found them all fairly quickly, and helped Acelyn find what was inside each of them.  Girlfriend was a champ at finding the ones with food, and gobbled down all the Puffs she could get her hands on!  Nolan was surprised with a few with M&Ms in them, too! 

After hunting, they sat down and opened up their baskets.  Nolan helped Acelyn nicely go through everything in hers, where she thoroughly inspected each item.  She loved her glow wand and her squeaky eggs, and snuggled with her monogramed bunny, too!  Nolan got down to business on his basket and was so excited about the bubbles and chalk that was left for him.  Plus, they both got all of their swimwear for the summer- hats, sunglasses, suits, sandals, and even a bubble blower!  I'd say they made out well!

Not long after, we headed over to the Luks' for brunch and an egg hunt!  It was such a nice morning and we love being able to spend holidays with our best friends that are more like family!  The kids loved the egg hunt and Acelyn was obsessed with the chick eggs, and wouldn't put it down for days.  Once they hunted them all, they sat at the table and went through their goodies.  It was a chill and fun morning to enjoy before heading over to my Mom's later in the afternoon for dinner. 

We snapped some pictures (or tried) of the kids at my Mom's house, but they weren't really feeling a phtooshoot so we didn't get many of their cute Easter outfits.  Instead, they wanted to play with all of Grandma's toys, especially the fun dancing Donald Duck Bunny that they couldn't get enough of!  We had a yummy dinner (as always), and enjoyed our time together.  The Easter Bunny also made a stop at Grandma's house, where he left the kids even more baskets filled with goodies!  

We had such a great Easter and especially loved celebrating Acelyn's very first one.  She made a pretty cute bunny, if I do say so myself!  We hope everyone had a nice holiday, too!