Monday, November 28, 2016

'Tis the Season for... Teething! with Nuby Teething Products {a&n Product Review}

As Acelyn approaches 7 months, it's no surprise her teething is at it's all time high!  She's yet to cut any little teethies, but that doesn't stop her from gnawing away at everything she can.  She can often be found with a teether at every moment- playing, diaper changing, in the high chair, and even nursing!  Luckily, we've had our Nuby products to help us out along the way, and we wanted to highlight some of our favorites!

Nuby Teethe-eez

This little 100% silicone gem is the best!  Acelyn loves the flexibility of this teether and can really get into it with her gums.  She often uses it towards the front of her mouth, as it's perfect for front teeth teething and soothes her sore gums.  It's lightweight, and super easy to throw in the diaper bag to take along wherever we go (it comes with a hygienic case... amazing!), and the best part: how easy it is to clean!  Since it's made of BPA Free Silicone, just a quick wash under warm water with a little soap cleans it up quickly and I can give it right back to her to continue her teething ways.  I love the ring handle and she always has an adorable little grip on it that I just can't get over... especially with all of those little baby hand chub dimples!

The Teethe-eez is perfect for babies aged 0+ months, and can be found at a variety of the following retailers:

Nuby Wacky Teething Ring

This fun, colorful toy not only acts as a fun accessory for Acelyn to play with, but aids in massaging her gums with the signature Nub-eez surfaces.  We carry this one most often when we are out, especially in her carseat or while I wear her in the Ergo, as I strap it through a leather braided pacifier holder and she's good to go!  Another BPA Free, skin soft silicone product, the multiple teething surfaces assist in the eruption of baby's teeth, which we're still waiting on for Acelyn!  Her favorite part of the toy is easily the soft crinkle leaves, which keep her entertained with noise but also allow her to suck and are so light, I don't worry about them getting a soggy mess like other similar toys.  It's another easy to hold teether for her, and the different textures give her both stimulation for her gums but also for her sensory processing with her hands.

The Wacky Teething Ring is made for babies age 3+ months, and is available at these retailers:

Nuby Teething Trends Medium Oval & Pearl Necklace 

Not only just for Acelyn, this teething necklace is also one of my favorite products!  I've never owned a teething necklace before, so I was excited to try this out when Nuby sent it to me.  I absolutely love that it serves as both a wearable teether that we always have with us, as well as a fashionable accessory for myself, and I'm happy to say Acelyn approves, too!

As always with Nuby products, it is made of BPA Free, soft silicone surfaces, so as Acelyn is shoving each oval or pearl into her gummy smile, I can be worry-free about what she's sucking and drooling over!  It's the perfect size for her grip and hands, as well as her mouth.  I was worried the pearl shaped teethers would be a hazard for her, but it's actually the complete opposite and I can wear and use this necklace with complete ease.  It's comfortable, safe, and fashionable with a purpose, and I couldn't ask for anything more! 

This is another product we use just as much at home as we do on the go.  Acelyn started at a young age (around 3 months) pulling her own hair as a nursing habit.  I exhausted options on things for her to hold or pull or snuggle while nursing- stuffed animals, loveys, pacifiers, toys, even my own hair- but she always went back to pulling and tugging her own, which didn't help her already-balding head!  When Nuby sent the Teething Trends necklace, my first instinct was to use it while nursing to see if it would help.  Sure enough, it was one of the only things that kept Acelyn's hands off her head and stimulated while nursing!  Although she's grown out of pulling her own hair (for the most part), I still use the teething necklace as a distraction for her hands while she eats and it still works wonders.  

The Teething Trends necklace comes in a variety of colors: teal, black, white, and gray.  I love the gray because it matches with almost everything and can serve as a perfect accessory for playdates, shopping and dinners out.  It can be found at the following retailers: 

Nuby Teething Bib 

The teething bib is a perfect way for Acelyn to stay dry from all her drool aaaaaand serve as a way to clench that teething need!  The very corner of the bib is made with a BPA Free teether that she can chew away on, while absorbent cotton helps keeps her dry and clean while teething.  With a velcro tab closure, it's an easy off/on process, and even better, comes in two designs with bight patterns since it's reversible on every bib.  And, as much as she tugs to grab the teething corner, the velcro is strong enough to withstand her pulling and stays put!  

The Nuby Teething Bib is perfect for ages 3+ months, and can be found at these retailers:

We know teething is a short lived (although it feels so much longer!) process, and we're happy to have accessories to aid Acelyn in feeling more comfortable and soothe those sore gums, as we wait for some teeth to finally pop through!  

Nuby sent these products to review, but did not compensate me to write this post.  All opinions and thoughts are of my own.  

You can find Nuby and all of their great products by following their social media sites here:

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nuby Breathe-eez Portable Nasal Aspirator + Giveaway! {a&n Product Review}

'Tis the season to get colds... and boy, have we been fighting them!  The past two weeks have been full of coughs, sniffles and snot, and we've been housebound for most of our time; major bummer!  The good part of all of our sickness, was that we were able to test out our new Nuby Breathe-eez Portable Nasal Aspirator, which helped provide gentle, immediate and effective relief from all of our nasal congestion!  

I specifically tried the Breathe-eez with Acelyn, as she suffered from a constant runny nose and lots of much / there's a filter to block the snot!) all of her runny congestion as often as I changed her diaper.  For Acelyn, it was more of a game to grab the aspirator out of my hands than it was bothersome to her, and with some simple distraction, she never noticed when I would sneak up to her nose and suck out all the yuck.  Because she's a mover and an active little lady, even when she's sick, I appreciate that I have control over the suction level, ensuring that Acelyn is always comfortable and safe as we quickly remove her congestion to get her back to playing and snuggling! 

Cleaning is also a simple task, and the aspirator is easy to rinse through with hot, soapy water.  I always allowed it to air dry before another use.  I did notice that if you let it sit before washing, the mucus will obviously harden, making it a bit more difficult to clean through the thin part of the aspirator.  So, I suggest always cleaning immediately after use to make it as simple as it should be!

The Breathe-eez is suitable for babies aged 0+ months, and is made BPA free, as always with Nuby products!  It includes 4 filters and a hygienic case for easy travel, which makes it convenient to store all pieces, too.  If you are looking to snag one, be sure to head to Amazon by using the below link, where you can get 20% off (*while supplies last)!

Breathe-eez at Amazon

After the link expires, it can still be found at for purchase.

I'm glad the Nuby Breathe-eez was just that- simple to use and a safe and hygienic relief from congestion to help Acelyn get back to feeling her best!  

Aaaaaand, last but certainly not least: We teamed up with Nuby again for another giveaway!  We want to share the Breathe-eez goodness during the holiday season, which of course can be known for sharing love, but also for sharing those yucky colds and congestion.  To enter to win your own Nuby Breathe-eez Portable Nasal Aspirator, please see our Instagram account, just like last time!  Leaving a comment here on the blog will give you an extra entry, but to enter, you must follow the steps on our Instagram post.
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Nuby sent these products to review, but did not compensate me to write this post.  All opinions and thoughts are of my own.  

You can find Nuby and all of their great products by following their social media sites here:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Halloween 2016

Finally catching ourselves up on the blog, and we can't forget our post of costumes this Halloween!!  We decided to once again do two different costumes.... because who can really choose just one!?  Especially for a baby's first!  So, I let Nolan choose a Disney movie he'd like to dress up as, and Monster's Inc. was the winner.  He chose to be Sully and of course we had to dress Acelyn as Boo.  I also convinced Jason to dress up (super low key DIY costumes) as other characters from the movie, so we went with Roz and George.  *side note: When Nolan first started watching Monster's Inc., his favorite character of the whole movie was George.  It was one of the first names he learned from the movie, and he laughed so hard every time he saw him on.  So, it was fitting to have Jason dress like one of his favorites, even though he's not very well known!*

Of course I had fun decorating the backdrop for our fun photoshoot, and I love how our pictures came out!  Everything was pretty much DIY, except for Acelyn's bow, which we got from Pixie Dust Prettiess on Etsy.  I loved everything about these costumes!

Our second coordinated costume for the kiddos was the "cutesy" version, because of course, since Nolan got what he wanted, I still needed a squishy little baby costume for Acelyn (the Boo costume certainly was squishy... but not that "cute, screams Baby's First Halloween" type).  So, I found a mom on one of the Instagram shop B/S/T boards that I am a part of selling the most adorable mouse costume.  By the time I decided I wanted it, she had already sold it, but offered to make me one anyway!  Turns out she sews her own, and so of course I accepted.  It turned out ridiculously cute and I am SO happy I decided to get it for her.  I thought about different options to pair Nolan with her, and ended up choosing a cookie from the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."  This cookie costume from Target was perfect- simple, easy on and off, cute and something Nolan was really excited about!  We received so many compliments over both costumes and everyone's reaction to Nolan as a cookie was hysterical at the different Trick or Treating events we attended.  Every year I have a new favorite, but this year the cookie and mouse duo is by far the winner in my book!

For Halloween, we joined the Luks' and family at their house for our traditional quick dinner and Trick or Treating in their neighborhood.  I only got about five pictures total because the night was so busy and fun, but the kids had a blast and Nolan did awesome at Trick or Treating this year.  He still needed some help to be guided back after receiving his candy, but he definitely knew what to do to get it!  We love carrying out our traditions, especially with our friends, and always enjoy Halloween with them every year!  

Hoping everyone had just as much fun on their Halloween, too! (even if we're almost a month behind)!