Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Happenings

We had a busy month of May with the arrival of Acelyn within the first week!  Enjoy lots and lots of overkill on pictures of the new little lady, as well as some adventures Nolan was up to before her arrival (and so many sweet pictures and videos of the two of them, together)!

Nolan pretended to be the best superhero and ran all around the house in the beginning of the month!

I continued my beloved tradition of getting pampered at Green Valley Ranch's Spa while pregnant and huge!  I went around the same time when I was pregnant with Nolan, and both times had the Mommy to Be massage, which is so relaxing, especially on those sore pregnant muscles!  I sat by the pool for a bit and enjoyed the amazing weather... not too hot, not too cold!  It was great!

Nolan had a blast at Dancing with Miss Jenny on the first Thursday of the month... which actually turned out to be his last class before sissy came along, so I'm glad I snapped these pictures since we'll be on a break for a bit!  I hardly ever think to take pictures during class, but for some reason this time, I did... must have been fate stepping in again!  Of course, the pictures aren't the best because he's moving around so much, but I'm glad he has a blast attending these fun once-a-week classes and looks forward to going.  We'll be missing them for a while, but not for too long!

We spent the first Friday running an errand down by the airport and Sunset Park, so I figured we could have a Mommy/Son picnic date at Sunset Park's playground and pond, and feed the ducks while we were there.  I also took advantage of being close to the airport and decided to stop and watch the airplanes with him, which he totally thought was awesome!  It was a rainy and stormy day but we managed to avoid the storms until the very end of our picnic, so it worked out perfectly!

The playground at Sunset Park was awesome because it's different than what we're used to, so Nolan enjoyed exploring a new area.  Once we got to the pond area to eat our lunch, we were suddenly bombarded by all the ducks and geese who were not shy by any means, and actually freaked both Nolan and I out quite a bit!  I was praying they wouldn't attack us while we quickly ate our lunch.  It was a battle getting Nolan to actually eat his food rather than feed it to them, and he would switch from finding it hilarious to being completely upset that they wanted his food.  Longest.lunch.ever.  Once it started raining and I realized how unsafe I felt with all the shady people around the park (I forgot how Sunset Park really is), I decided we needed to pack it up ASAP and get home!  

Looking back on it, we both had an amazingly fun day together and made some really fun memories on our last day as just us two.  I hope he can look back on pictures and understand how special that day was to me, even if we were surrounded by dirty birds and homeless people! 

When we got home, Harley was super terrified of the thunderstorm passing through while I tried to get a nap in during Nolan's nap time. 

Friday night, we met up with some friends at Pizza Rock for dinner, and I got to spend my last pregnant night (unknowingly!) with my besties!

On Saturday, May 7th, we packed our hospital bags and welcomed Acelyn Roe into the world... since she decided she couldn't wait any longer to meet everyone!

We spent about 30 hours in the hospital, and were discharged around 10:30PM the next evening.  When we brought Acelyn home, we spent the next day snuggling her and letting her become acquainted with her beloved little swing.  

On her 3rd day, we took Acelyn to the pediatrician for her well check.  She looked adorable sporting her first "real" outfit, complete with jeggings and moccs.  I die!

I filmed a quick bit of all her newborn newness.

We all got some more snuggles in with the babe, including Nolan loving on his little sister.

We had Acelyn's newborn pictures taken by Kyla Groneman Photography and love how they all came out!

I created a collage of Acelyn's tiny features to match the one I have of Nolan and his newborn pictures that our photographer at that time made me.  Although my shots aren't pro status, I still can't wait to get prints made and display them together in our room!

We had our first official family of four movie night, and watched Kung Fu Panda, complete with Nolan's "Hi-Yas" and karate moves throughout the night.

Acelyn turned one week old!

Little Miss has a thing with her hands, and loves holding them under her chin or posing them in cute ways.  She's such a lady!

We swooned over baby yawns.

The Luks family came over to visit and let the kids meet Acelyn, and everyone loved her, even Beckham made his claim on his future girl!  We enjoyed dinner and let the kids be crazy together, which Nolan was excited about since we've been cooped up in the house for a bit now!

Acelyn continued to be adorable and rock a sweet Daddy outfit. 

We played outside in the AM and even little sissy got a taste of the fresh air in the shade.

We took the playmat out for a test run for the first time, and Nolan enjoyed it a little bit more than his sister.  She was pretty alert through her time playing, though!

We had a successful first day as a trio when Jason returned to work, and I snapped this picture of all my babies together.

Acelyn's hair is crazy long and that's usually the first compliment she always receives.  It is crazy to tame and the color is so unique- it's dark at it's roots but then lightens at the tips.. girl is already in style with her ombre hair!

The siblings bonded more when Nolan asked to take pictures with Sis and wanted to play on her playmat again with her.  She tried tummy time for the first time and was so impressed she fell asleep. Ha!  At least she didn't hate it!  Afterwards, I snuck a smile out of her while she dreamt!

Aunt Janet and Uncle Ronnie sent a fun package for the kids, and Nolan was thrilled to find his goodies!  Thank you again, guys!  We miss you!

I braved my first outing with the two kids solo and took a trip to our home away from home, Target.  It had been way too long and felt good to get out of the house!

Acelyn turned 2 weeks old!

She rocked another adorable outfit and of course I had to take a million pictures to document!

Again, she posed with her dainty little hand under her chin and had me melting as we snuggled over Memorial Day Weekend!

I caught Acelyn checking out the bright toys on her playmat, and she caught me filming her!

We celebrated Beckham's first birthday at the park, and although I didn't get any pictures while we were there, we had a great time visiting with everyone and celebrating little Becks!  I can't believe you're already one, little man!  Happy, happy birthday (and to your mama, too!)

Although we've been limited to the house quite as bit, since Acelyn is still small, we've managed to keep ourselves busy and sane thus far and have so enjoyed our time as a new family of four!  Stay tuned for next month, where I'm sure we'll have more outings and pictures to watch this little one grow and new adventures for Nolan!