Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Baby #2 Bump Watch: 28 Weeks

Oh, hi there, 3rd trimester!  Hallelujah! 

How far along? 28 Weeks
Total weight gain: I think I've only gained a pound or two since our last update... so maybe around 17 or 18 total!
Maternity clothes? Still always in leggings (don't judge me) and yes, some maternity tees and some regular.
Stretch marks? Still nothing, hoping I can last another whole pregnancy with nothing! Let's cross our fingers!
Sleep:  Definitely sleeping soundly since I'm always tired, but I do wake up multiple times a night to pee, already!  It's usually at least once and sometimes as much as three times a night.
Best moment this week: Finally feeling more energized and productive with getting things done around the house, both baby and non-baby related.  This is the point in my pregnancy with Nolan that I started getting the urge to organize and clean, rather than "nest", and the same exact thing is happening again.  I want to organize and purge EVERYTHING in our house!  Which is nice for cleaning, but not so nice for my exhaustion!
Miss Anything? I recently was missing cookie dough (with raw egg), so I made my own special eggless cookie dough that tastes just as yummy!  Speaking of...I should probably make another batch...

Movement: Yes!  She has already graduated from pokes and prods to rolls and huge movements.  You can definitely see and feel from the outside, can't miss it.  There are moments that she shocks me with such force I literally jump from being surprised.  She also likes to change up her position and consistency from day to day.  I've noticed one day she will be so active that she's hurting me, and the next she will be very quiet and not so active.  She also likes to sit extremely low and really shocks my cervix on some days (lower than I ever felt with Nolan), while other days she sits higher and rolls around my stomach like crazy.  She's definitely much more active than Nolan was, which has me a little worried that she's going to be even crazier on the outside! :)
Food cravings: Cereal is definitely my jam this pregnancy.  I go through a box every three or four days and eat it pretty much every night around 9-10PM.  Favorites lately have been Corn Pops, Coco Puffs, Life and Honeycomb.  Super healthy, I know.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!
Gender prediction: Girl!

Symptoms: Feeling much more pregnant even earlier than I felt like I was getting big and tired with Nolan... maybe it's a second pregnancy thing?  I've had a terrible pain in my left side rib, right under my breast... which I first thought was due to my constant cold and terrible cough I had with it- I thought I may have bruised a rib or pulled a muscle.  At my latest appointment, the doctor explained that it was more than likely muscle pain and could be from the stretching and growing, and since that appointment, it hasn't let up.  Hoping it's just something as simple as my ribs extending outwards due to my growing belly, but man, it is SO painful, especially when I move just the right way, cough, laugh, etc!

Another newsworthy event at our 26 week appointment, was that I failed the glucose tolerance screening because I vomited all over the doctor's office hallway... yep, that happened, and yes, it was that embarrassing.  The lab tech instructed me to chug the glucose drink as fast as I could to make it easier (which I never had a problem with Nolan, as I also had more time to drink it with Nolan, too though...) so I'm thinking it just didn't sit well due to the chugging.  I barely made it to the hour mark and had to cancel the test, and am currently waiting to hear from them if I need to reschedule or if there are other alternatives to drinking the glucola, because I'd realllllly hate to throw it up for a second time!  The good news- I wasn't alone- two other mamas also got sick and threw up while I was there! Something was definitely in the air... Here's to round two (or hopefully, not!)
Belly Button in or out? Definitely out, and it's not going back anytime soon.
Looking forward to: Scheduling our 3D/4D ultrasound in the next few weeks to see what little Miss looks like! (We figured we did it for Nolan, so we should do it for her, too!)

Monday, February 8, 2016

January Happenings

We kicked off the New Year by getting a glimpse of baby girl at our 23 week ultrasound, which actually turned into our 22 week ultrasound since my Due Date was changed by 5 days.  Little Miss was extremely active and all over the place, but everything looked great and developing on track.  We got this sweet little profile to admire, and I feel like she may look more like me than Nolan does/did.  Can't wait to find out!

We started a new session of classes at the rec center, and this round, we decided to try out a Messy Friday art class with our besties.  Nolan was immediately more comfortable in the class than any other he's taken since he had his buddy Hudson there with him, and they both seem to enjoy the weekly arts and crafts each class offers.  This week, they got down and dirty with paint!  

Nolan insisted on rocking in the rocking chair with his baby shish-ter and all of his stuffed animal friends.

He started playing with one of my old Cabbage Patch Dolls, calling her sissy, and picked her up one afternoon, totally random, and started rocking her saying, "I Love Sissy", "Sissy, Love You!" which made me melt into a million pieces.  When I tried to record it, he just decided to talk a lot of gibberish to her, instead. 

Nolan turned TWO and we celebrated with a fun Sesame Street party with all of his closest friends and family!  We also had a low-key birthday at home on his actual birth-day.

The morning after his birthday, we set up his new basketball hoop, which he has been obsessed with ever since.  When he makes baskets, he's now learned to say, "Swish!"

When the weather warmed up, we headed outside to ride our Lightning McQueen car (or KaChow, as Nolan likes to call him).

I snapped a picture of the ever-so-styled dude before our Preschool class at the rec center one morning.  He's too much with those glasses.

Nolan played in his awesome new Sesame Street tent from Auntie Stacey and absolutely loves it!

We went grocery shopping and I finally caved and let Nolan ride in the humongous car cart, and other than it being ridiculous to push and getting all the stares, he absolutely loved it and made grocery shopping a little bit easier that day. 

He sported his adorable Star Wars robe that Auntie Erin and Uncle Jeremy gave him for his birthday, as I squealed with excitement over how adorable he looked in it (don't mind the hat, he insisted on taking his picture with it on).

I tried videotaping him singing Let It Go, from Frozen, now that he likes to sing songs (or his version of singing every 3rd word), but instead I got a typical boy-response... a burp and laughter.  

Daddy and Nolan read books together before bedtime one night, and they looked like complete twins (the older Nolan gets, the more and more he looks just like his Daddy).

We visited the doctor for Nolan's 2 year checkup, and this was his first ride in the carseat forward facing since we hit the 2-year mark.  He absolutely loves facing forward and gets so excited to ride in the car now (before he was getting extremely irritated and uncomfortable rear-facing, which is why we made the switch since it was acceptable for his age, height and weight).  

Nolan made some handmade (literally) Elmo Thank You cards for all of his party guests, and they came out super cute!

We hit the 24-week mark in this pregnancy! 

I started some major shopping for the babe's nursery, and am so excited about how it is coming along!  

Nolan had an absolute blast at his Messy Friday class when they got to play with shaving cream!  At first he was a little hesitant about the huge mess, but soon enough, he got right in and played away.  He thought hiding the toys in it and making "castles" was the coolest thing, and Mommy thought the colors were pretty sweet, too.

We definitely were lacking on the pictures and videos this month... between all of our activities, classes, being sick and just plan 2-year old craziness and all-over-the-placeness.... it's hard to document everything!  We'll try better next month!!