Monday, August 14, 2017

Why and Whale Monthly Surprise Pack {a&n Product Review}

One of the kids' favorite times of the day is that moment after their afternoon snack, where Nolan jumps up and asks, "IS IT TIME TO CHECK THE MAIL!?!?!"  This kid is all about the mail... probably because he shares Mommy's excitement of receiving packages (multiple times a week), and he's started to get his little sister amped up about the afternoon routine, too.  After he announces that it is, in fact, mail checking time, Acelyn darts to grab the mailbox keys and we take a stroll across the street to find our treasures.

One package that is totally worth the daily hype of mail-checking is the Why and Whale Monthly Surprise Pack.  This is a monthly subscription package that features handpicked apparel, toys, books and more for little ones ages 6 months to 6 years, and the goodies inside do not disappoint!  The items are all high quality, modern and fun, and personally curated for your babes, from information you provide when signing up.  The items add up to over $59 in a box each month, and with over 200 brands in collaboration, that's a whole lot of surprise package goodness!  

As we returned from the mailbox, the kids obviously couldn't wait to open the surprise package.  I curated this package specifically for Acelyn, but Nolan helped every step of the way, and he was just as excited to take out each item as she was. 

Purl Lamb Shorties

The first item out of our box was a pair of Purl Lamb striped shorties that are super soft and so comfy!  We've been customers of Purl Lamb many times before, purchasing pants and sweatshirts in the past, so I was thrilled to see a pair of shorties that we've yet to try.  They are the perfect, gender neutral, gray/cream stripes with a mint cuff that I know will match so much of Acelyn's tops.  Plus, they are super comfy and look just the right size!  Definitely a win right off the bat.

GrabEase Pouch Set

The next surprise we pulled out was the GrabEase Pouch Set, which I think we were most excited about these of all the goodies in our box!  This set is the cutest, smartest and baby-friendly product I've seen in a while, and totally sold me the first time Acelyn used them.  Inside the velcro pouch set is an ergonomically designed handled fork and spoon, which helps promote self-feeding in toddlers.  Dishwasher safe, BPA Free and easy to clean, these little gems are a hit as Acelyn is right in the stage of learning to "poke" and "scoop", and the natural vertical grasp handle makes it easy for her to practice.  

Nosh Cactus Teether

Acelyn figured out the Nosh Cactus Teether real quick, and the second she had it in her hand it went directly to her mouth to get a good gnaw on.  Made out of nontoxic silicone beads and a cute untreated wooden carved cactus, this is the perfect size and shape for Acelyn's grasp to help our teething rough days, especially since girlfriend has only cut 4 of them so far... we've got a long way to go and this will be helpful along the way! 

Maple Shade Kids Cactus Art Display Line 

The last item we pulled out was wrapped up tight, so with a little help, Nolan pulled out the absolute cutest wooden cactus cutouts that I quickly figured out was to display our kiddos artwork!  With 5 feet of twine and 8 painted clothespins, the Maple Shade Kids Art Display Line is an easy and adorable way to show off all the fun schoolwork Nolan will bring home from PreK this fall and new activities Acelyn will create as she grows!  I loved this so much I instantly went on their social media to see the other types of display lines offered, and there are a TON of designs to choose from!  I am obsessed with the cactus cutouts, and I can't wait to get it up in our home.

We loved our experience with the Why and Whale Monthly Surprise Pack this month, and the cactus theme was an adorable introduction to some great products we wouldn't have otherwise known about.  These subscription boxes are perfect for your mail-loving kiddos like my own, or make great baby shower or birthday gifts, too!  Another great part of the subscription box is the included codes at featured shops, giving some serious discounts for other awesome products!  Acelyn continued to play with the Why and Whale box and fun paper for the next 20 minutes after opening it... so, that's easily a win in my book alone, but the great quality products inside are what really make this subscription service great!  If you're in the market for a fun mail day every month, you won't be disappointed!  

Because we had such a fun experience with the Why and Whale Monthly Surprise Pack, we want to give one away! Be sure to follow along on our Instagram account (@jenkelton) and get your entry in to score your own Surprise Pack! 

Saturday, August 5, 2017

July Happenings

The month started off with a fun little catastrophe, as we woke up and found our backyard completely flooded!  After a few minutes of finding out what the heck was happening, we discovered our neighbor's pipe had sprung a leak and had been seeping through our concrete wall.  Luckily, it was so hot outside that it all evaporated within a few hours.  At least the heat was good for something!

After our eventful morning, we decided to take a trip down to the Discovery Museum.  The last time we had gone was almost a year ago, and I knew Nolan would love it and was hoping Acelyn was big enough to enjoy most of it, too.  I was right, and the kids were obsessed with the water room.  Since it's the first thing you come upon entering the museum, I had to pry them away and convince them we would be back before we left, since I knew they were going to get soaked.  So, off we went to check out more fun.

They darted around, exploring every inch of the next few rooms- King's Castle where they sat on a throne, a pirate ship where Nolan raised the flag, and Acelyn found lots of mirrors to say Hi in, and abruptly run away to her next adventure. 

Daddy helped Acelyn slide down this slide over and over and over again, and also gave Nolan a little extra muscle to lift the car lever.  Upstairs, he pulled the kids up on the pulley lift, where Acelyn loved it and Nolan was a bit timid!  

Acelyn played some music on the giant xylophone, and Nolan did some grocery shopping, which is always his second favorite spot of the museum.  They also worked on cars and helped with airport luggage!

Finally, we made our way back to the water area and the kids loved it.  They started off with ponchos, but we eventually ditched them as they weren't keeping much water off of them, anyway!  We spent lots of time here and Nolan spent all of his time at the ball launcher, while Acelyn made her rounds, running around like a wild child and splashing away.  In the end, they ended up soaking wet... which just meant they had a successful day at the museum! 

We got down on some Cold Stone ice cream after dinner one night. 

We spent another morning at the M Pool, where Acelyn decided she was over her floaty and needed to be held/carried/swim on her own the whole time.  This led to her learning to jump in off the side and she was obsessed!  Nolan chose the more relaxed route, playing with his toys and swimming around on his own.  Before we left, they snuggled in towels and relaxed from a fun morning swim! 

We spent the 4th of July with our friends and had a great day!  We started our morning off at the M Pool (yet again!), where the kids swam all morning long and Nolan kept up with Grace and Charley, following them around like a little fish.  Acelyn stuck with her little bestie, Perry, and they hung out on the daybed together, swam and fought naps together, too!  We spent all morning drinking mojitos and stuck around for lunch there, too.  

Back at home, we rested up and took some naps, where everyone slept for a decent amount, and then got ready to head over to the Espejos for some fireworks.  The kids played and we all snacked on (even more) chicken fingers, when all of a sudden, Nolan was acting super strange and kept complaining he was cold.  He wanted to play but kept lying down, so we made him chill out on the chair and relax with a blanket, all while wearing his light up 4th of July glasses... when all of a sudden...... vomit.  All over.  Poor guy threw up all over the blanket, and we all felt horrible!  He wasn't 100%, but wanted to stay for fireworks and legit had a fit when I told him we had to go home because he was sick.  I felt bad, so we stuck around to light up some sparklers and throw poppers, which he really enjoyed.  He looked ridiculous in his sister's 12/24 size shirt, but hey, it worked.  

We all sat and watched fireworks light off in the neighborhood- Isaac lit off a bunch and we also got to enjoy their neighbors, who had a ton of different ones, too.  Some were being lit in the desert next to their house, which were the "big ones", and Nolan wasn't too sure about those.  Acelyn, in her typical self, had zero fear and kept charging towards the fireworks, wanting to touch them.  Nolan went back and forth between liking some and being scared of some, and I could tell the kids were starting to melt down, so we decided to head out a little earlier than planned. We had such a fun day with our friends, minus our little sick-hiccup, but I know the kids had a blast regardless!  

The next few days were followed by Nolan being down and out... he was definitely sick!  This kid never passes out randomly, so when I found him asleep on the couch in the middle of the morning, I knew he wasn't feeling good.  When he started complaining that his belly hurt and he felt "cold" again, I wasn't taking any chances and set up camp in the kitchen so we wouldn' get more vomit over furniture!  Luckily, he never threw up again, and we laid low for a while and spent a lot of the week inside!

We spent a morning at Ikea, where Acelyn danced it out before leaving and helped push the cart while we shopped.  The kids ran around the store like always... thank Goodness Ikea has big aisles with no people around!

Acelyn talks a ton now, but she is SO hard to get on camera.  She knows when I'm filming and will not perform in front of people... little stinker.  But, I did manage to get her saying "Cheese"... one of her favorite words and foods!

She spent a morning relaxing, watching Daniel Tiger while sitting on the new rug that makes her look super, super tiny!

We received a little package from Freshly Picked (thank you!) and Acelyn not only loved her new moccs, but the paper just as much!  She then proceeded to carry around her "shhhhhhhoo" (shoes, as she calls them) and refused to take them off.

We met up with the Espejos and the Gerfys for dinner at The District to splurge on some Shake Shack that had just opened!  We met up with them at the splash pad where the kiddos played, took a break for food and went right back at it after.  There was a "live band", which really just turned out to be a solo singer, but that didn't stop the kids from dancing it up.  Acelyn was more concerned about the splash pad, and girlfriend got cray in it.  She was obsessed and kept getting sprayed in the face but just went back for more.  Needless to say, she was soaked at the end of the night, but definitely loved every second of it!

We relaxed the next day, and Acelyn found Daddy taking a nap on the floor, so she joined him.

We played with lots of Snapchat filters throughout the month.

It was National Ice Cream Day, so what better way to celebrate than a trip to Cold Stone (again).  Acelyn wore her special Ice Cream dress, and accessorized with a chocolate mustache face. 

Nolan woke up with his rash that he gets when he has a viral infection, which was earlier confirmed to be Strep throat that both kids had.  We spent all day in our jammies, watching movies and enjoying and playing the rain.  Even though it was a sick day, it was still a fun, relaxing day around the house!

I caught them in a moment, completely unprumpted, being super sweet with each other and I died. 

Acelyn is in nap limbo lately, where she can't make it to nap time without being extremely cranky and almost falling asleep at lunch time, yet, fights me when I try to put her down for a morning nap.  This results in almost always falling asleep in the car if we are out running errands or going places in the morning... and this particular morning, she refused to wake up even after getting out of the car, so she continued sleeping on the rug. Nolan thought it was hilarious and needed to join her for a photobomb.

Jason made us a free decal from Disney in anticipation of our Disneyland trip in December.  I think it's safe to say we are wayyyyyyy excited and are definitely counting down the days!  4 months and counting!

We had the best park day with overcast skies and the coolest summer day (70 degrees!?)  See all the pictures here, but some videos of our fun below: 

The kids pushed Harley around in the play stroller... I don't know who enjoyed it more?!

Acelyn has started sleeping with random objects to help with her twiddling fingers at bedtime... and she's grown pretty attached to this hairbrush, in particular.  Haha!

Jason took a few hours off of work in the morning to adjust his night schedule for the week, so we ate breakfast at The Kitchen Table, which is always so good. 

Nolan took his first selfie video which had me laughing SO hard. 

We took a trip to check out the new At Home store, and it didn't disappoint, especially since we randomly arrived at their grand opening dedication, which meant the kids got cake at 10AM.  They were pretty stoked, and I got to get some browsing done with them being happy campers!

The last Saturday of the month, we grabbed some donuts at Donut Mania, had wrestle-mania in the afternoon, caught Acelyn matching and napping with Winnie the Pooh, and ate out (again, ugh) at The Habit for dinner.  

On Sunday, Jason had to work most of the day, so we picked up Grandma and took a visit down to the animal shelter to visit the kitties.  Jason is allergic to cats, so we'll never get to own one, so this is as good as it gets for us and coming in contact with them!  Nolan and Acelyn loved it and could have spent all day there.  I wanted to take one home sooo badly, but cuddled and loved on them enough to satisfy my need.  

That evening, we dropped the kids at Grandma's so Jason and I could catch a movie for his early birthday gift, where we saw Dunkirk and had anxiety through the whole movie, but loved it. The kids were angels for my Mom and proved it in this picture.  After, we all had dinner together to celebrate Jason's birthday, too.

We celebrated Jason's birthday on Monday, and kept it low-key with one of his favorite meals for dinner and some of his favorite pie for dessert.  Of course we had to sing Happy Birthday, per Nolan's request.  We love him so much and couldn't have as great of a life as we do, without him in it.  He works hard for our family and I love that I can still call him my best friend and partner for this crazy ride in life.  Happy Birthday, Daddy!  We love you!

...Until next month!